Bhumika Nasta

Dream Catcher

It feels amazing to be working with such an energetic group of women who believe Impossible is nothing! Getting a chance to create happiness, while providing top notch customer service is one of the most rewarding moments in my day!

Bhumika graduated with a major in Marketing from the University of Sunderland, UK. At 11, she wanted to be a prima ballerina, but the Bollywood bug hit and she traded the pirouette for jazz hands. She was born and lived her life in Dubai. Bhumika has over 12 years of experience with client relations and retail brand management. She took a hiatus when she moved to USA in 2016, to raise her daughter. 



After Hours

When not working, you will often find her cooking, learning new photography techniques, dancing, traveling to new places or somewhere on social media! Also quotes randomly from Harry Potter.

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