Ideas to Get Your Foot in the Door

Sometimes getting your “foot” in the door with a new client can be challenging. Here we hope to give you the tools to make an unforgettable first impression. In the video below, our team will show you some of the most effective promotional products to book that first appointment or make sure they call you back. Our team is always just a call or message away to help your next marketing project get off on the right “foot.” (Pun intended.)

Custom Shoes

Boots, slippers, sneakers, and flip flops are just some of the creative ways you can literally get a “foot” in the door with your marketing. Many of our footwear choices are eco-friendly and made from sustainable and/or recycled materials. Watch the video above for more footwear examples and ideas.

You can use custom shoes by giving them as a gift with either your branding on them or your prospect’s logo. Custom flip flops can be debossed on the bottom. If you are using them at a beach resort event or an incentive trip, people will be imprinting your logo on the sand or gravel.Imagine a beach covered with your logo.

Who doesn’t like a cozy pair of slippers? Custom slippers will be their go to pair when it is time to relax. Every time they wear them, they will have a positive feeling about your brand.

Socks with a Pocket

Everyone loves a comfortable pair of socks! These come with a perfect place to store some cash, a key, or anything else. These socks with a pocket are not only functional but people will want to wear them because they are soft and comfortable.

Have a trade show coming up? Have someone stand at the entrance handing out one sock. Tell them to come to your booth for the other. This is a terrific way to show new prospects that you make a the “perfect pair.” After seeing one unique item they will be intrigued to see more.

Custom Pizza Box and Kit

Ask for a “slice” of their time by sending a custom pizza box and kit. Design your own box lid or add your logo to a stock design. The kit includes pizza dough mix, marinara sauce, red pepper, parmesan cheese, olive oil, seasoning, and a reusable pizza cutter. There is also a s’mores dessert pizza option available.

With this custom kit, they can create memories with loved ones with you top of mind to add to their calendar. Insert a special message letting them know you want to do business with them and care about their success.

Door Stoppers

Quite literally get a foot in the door with these foot-shaped door stoppers. Let your prospects know you are the “key” to their success with the key-shaped stopper. Made from high-quality silicone material, these are durable, safe, and practical. Every office needs these so they might as well have a unique version of this staple item with your branding.

Key Stand

Ditch the boring business cards. Hand out these useful tools instead and keep your name on their keys. The KeyStand hands-free phone stand props your phone up at the perfect angle. It fits most cell phones and cases making it an effective promotional product. As a bonus, the company that provides these handy tools plants a tree for every order as part of their give-back program.

Need More Ideas to Get Your Foot in the Door?

At Stackable Sensations, we are constantly seeking new, unique, and effective promotional products for your brand. Check out some of our favorites HERE. As always, we are here to help you strategize your promotional marketing campaigns.

Who more than just give you ideas to get your foot in the door, check out our capabilities HERE.

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