Shari Verrone Wins PPAI Best Boss Award 2019

Why she was nominated:
“Shari is always leading by example. She will often take new employees with her on sales presentations so that they can see how she presents the projects and generates ideas for the clients,” says nominator Chris Wilson. “She has also initiated an internal self-development program called Stackable Sensations University. In order to graduate, each employee is required to take a language course (Rosetta Stone), LinkedIn courses, health and wellness program and read a book and give an oral presentation of their choice to name a few of the classes.”

Shari’s insights on her best boss:
Scott Taroff, from my ADP days, always worked hard and smart, had a formula to drive success in achieving any goals, was encouraging and supportive, plus led by example. What I liked most, and I bring this over to my team, is he always cared about his people and was genuine.

Her advice for managing others:
Create a fun, inclusive, positive team environment as this is really a second family that you spend so much time with and you want to enjoy your time together. Show appreciation for their efforts and successes. Be fair and consistent. A nice surprise here or there (like dinner, coffee or a night away) is gratifying and appreciated by the team member. I also feel it is important to lead by example as I never expect anyone to do anything I did not or would not do myself.

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