Abby Appling

Director of Client Happiness

Patience is a muscle that can and should be continuously strengthened.

Abby has 4 kids. She has homeschooled at least one child, and at some points all of them, for the last 8 years. She spent many years in Maryland and SW FL, but now calls Tennessee home, just south of Nashville. Abby spent her formative years dancing and still thinks of herself as a dancer. She spent several years as a birth assistant until the center unfortunately closed. She attended over 60 births and cried every time. Abby even delivered a baby at one fast birth when the midwife did not arrive in time. Abby also spent time as a dispatcher coaching people through sometimes the most difficult and scary moments of their lives.



After Hours

Abby has 4 dogs, a cat, a snake, and a fish currently. ( She cannot turn away a person or animal in need. Abby has taken in her kids friends when they’ve needed a place. Shes taken in turtles, birds, cats, dogs, rodents, and lizards. Too many animals to count.) She hopes one day to have land for chickens and goats, and an RV to travel the country.

-Abby loves: baking, live music, road trips and travel, being front row to watch her kids grow and become amazing people, building things in the garage, repurposing furniture, writing, singing, creating, video games with the family.

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