Ann Sundius

Ambassador of Creative Buzz

Have big dreams. You will grow into them. Stackable Sensations brings the "Wow" factor into what our clients are envisioning. We make sure each project is custom-tailored, with better-than-expected results.

Ann graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in French, Spanish & Mathematics.

What to do with those random degrees? With a love for storytelling and meeting people of all walks of life, she launched an early career in Television working on everything from Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare” Game Show to NASA-TV’s Daily Space show to CNBC’s first Internet-based business blast.

While raising her three girls, Ann took a detour and focused on philanthropic work and LOTS of volunteering. Her passion followed her when her family moved to India where she got involved with dozens of non-profits in New Delhi. What a game-changer!

She has mad event-planning skills and loves making connections. Her role as Ambassador of Creative Buzz will take these to much higher heights.



After Hours

Ann LOVES spending time with her BIG family (she is 1 of 9!), her 3 girls, her friends and to TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL!  She has been everywhere from Iceland to India.

Her all-time fav and always “go-to” is Paris, France. On y va! (“Let’s go!”)

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