Debbie Belen

Baby Gift Expert

I have been a part of stackable sensations for about 15 years. Even though I work another full-time job (in the medical field) the joy I still get when asked to make a baby cake, be part of celebrations, or brainstorm with Shari is undeniable! Shari is always positive and looking for the best solution for employees and clients alike. It is a privilege to still be considered part of the team!

Happiness is a Baby Cake.

There’s no other gift quite like it! Graduated from George Washington University
with a degree in International Business. Currently working as a Registered Nurse when not creating
another famous Baby Cake! Can’t live without  peanut butter, treadmill, a great book,
family and friends! Looking forward to moving somewhere warm and enjoying retirement one day….hopefully very near Shari and her husband, but a long time from now!


After Hours

Having become adventurous in her middle age, Debbie, along with her family, has traveled to over 15 European countries in the last few years as part of home exchanges!

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