Kasey Nightingale

Director of Client Happiness

Kasey went to school in Boca Raton FL Lynn University and majored in communications. Kasey worked in radio broadcasting for a few years on a morning commentary show. After the show ran its course she began working in the promotion products industry. She absolutely LOVES the fast pace of sales and working with customers to provide a high quality memorable experience. 

Contact: Kasey@StackableSensations.com


After Hours

In Kaseys free time she love experiences. Kasey tries to challenge herself everyday. She calls herself the “Say”No to Nothing Nightingale!”  She refuses to get stuck in a comfort zone where the day to day becomes mundane. Kasey enjoys scuba diving, hiking, pickleball, and fishing with her husband Peter. Their three kids are currently in college and they join and adventurize whenever they have the chance.

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