Merylyn Tuazon

Creator of Opportunities

At Stackable Sensations, We are making sure that our customer is happy and satisfied when they have their product, and We also make sure we meet their expectations and make their expectation into reality. What I love about Stackable Sensations, A transparent work culture, a healthy relationship with everyone, working with people who make you feel appreciated and acknowledged, allowing their employees to make mistakes, figure things out, get good at things, and solve problems without breaking their spirit and drive. Stackable Sensation is a reward and celebrates successes while encouraging their employees to stretch their skills and their capabilities.. Lastly, there are opportunities for a career growth.

Merylyn graduated with a two-year business management degree. She is ambitious to get exactly what she wants to be in life. She loves to learn new things and meet new people. She aims high and dreams big! She makes an effort to challenge herself and push herself to do things she has never done before. She has a positive attitude and always looks on the bright side.



After Hours

When Merylyn is out of the office, She’s usually spends time with her Family and friends. She loves going to the beach, hiking and loves adventure.

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