Trifecta!  Stackable Sensations Wins 3 Awards at SAAGNY Dinner

New Rochelle, NY December 2018:

Stackable Sensations won three awards at the annual Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York (SAAGNY) dinner. 

Humanitarian of the Year Award (click here for more information).

Top Distributor Technology award:

Members were asked to vote for the Distributor Technology Award winners based on the following criteria:

     ● Outstanding usage of social media, including frequency of use; consistency of messaging; user friendliness of disseminated information; and ability to take action with the message.

     ● Maintain an outstanding website, including the design, functionality and style of the site; consistency of information posted to the site; ability to easily locate product and general information (set-ups, production   time,  available options, etc.).

      ● Effectively use mobile marketing, including the development and implementation of tools to enhance the ability to access company and product information on mobile devices (i.e. QR codes, mobile versions of websites, smart phone “apps”, text messaging, etc.) 

Top Distributor Self Promotion: Most creative self-promo or trade show promo. Which means…we can do this for you as well! Create the buzz around the booth.

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